About our Real Meals

Our Real Meals are made using fresh meat and vegetables*.  There are no preservatives and no additives.  Our meat is purchased from the butcher the same day that we cook the meal.  All the fresh vegetables are steamed with no salt added.

*Peas and green beans are the only veges that are not purchased freshly picked.

Old Fashioned Flavour!

All our roast vegetables are cooked the old fashioned way – in dripping!

Sensible about Salt

Our Real Meals are cooked using very little or no salt so you can season to your own taste. Simply add salt once the meal has been reheated so it will not taste bland.

Some of the meals are made with meat or chicken stock which does contain salt but no salt is added to our gravies or sauces.

Easy Storage

Most of our meals can be kept in the freezer for 6-8 months without losing flavour. This makes it easy for you to keep a stock of your favourite meals without worrying that they will expire.

Simply thaw and heat your desired meal when you choose.

Once thawed our Real Meals should be eaten within 2 days, they must not be refrozen.

Our Real Meal Options


Our Soups are homemade (not out of a packet or can!)
The base for each soup is made from a rich chicken or vegetable stock.
The average Soup serving size is 250-300ml.

Snack Meals

Our Snack meals are “one pot” meals so any vegetables are included within the dish rather than as accompanying sides.  The average weight of a Snack meal is 200-350 grams (pasta weighs more than pastry or sauce).


Our Main meals have vegetables accompanying them.  All roast meals have a rich gravy while most other meals have either a gravy or tasty sauce.  We even put extra gravy over the meat to help prevent freezer burn.
The average weight of a Main meal is 400-600 grams.


Our tasty Dessert treats are made with either fresh or canned fruit (for fruit Desserts).  We add no artificial flavourings.  The average weight of our Desserts are 250-300 grams.

View Our Menu

Sounds tasty? Check out our menu.
We update it regularly to keep it interesting but we always have the old favourites available.

Place an Order

Simply give us a phone call every second Monday or email us (anytime) with your meal choices and your preferred delivery date.


Our Delivery Days


Tauranga (except Bethlehem)

Tuesday Afternoons (fortnightly)

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